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The continuously building up concrete jungles have reduced the landmass for agriculture in the country. Moreover, greed for more yield using chemical fertilizers on the fields is a severe matter to think about and it is dangerous to have their adverse effects on human health which has reduced the average human life. Costly manure and seeds keep the farmer away from agriculture.


Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan, having belive in traditional ways of agriculture, is teaching the farmers the techniques and utility of organic farming. Under the project, the organisation is aiming to increase the fertility of fields, cost reduction, to increase quality of land and level of land-water.


The farmers are getting trained in organic farming, drug manufacturing and upkeep of seeds by the program. The project is bein organised at panchayat samiti, Pisangan, near the Aravali Ranges and the farmers are getting informed for the importance of organic farming by workshop and chaupal. To conserve traditional way of farming, the project is a significant and effective initiative.



"High farming, moderate business and lowest service." ----------- Indian saying


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