Vermi composting
Organic   waste, a challenge for disposal, a serious environmental pollutant, and a great social nuisance can be converted, using simple techniques, into useful and valuable product known as ‘Vermi compost’. ‘Vermi compost’ is an organic form of fertilizer with all beneficial properties of inorganic fertilizer but is free from the harmful effects on soil and human health. In recent past with popularity of organic farming gaining, demand for organic fertilizers is increasing. The scope for betterment of soil health using vermin compost and globalization of our economy has opened up new vistas of business opportunity to commercially produce this commodity of multiple social and economic values.   

To make each farm holding self sufficient in its organic manure requirement thus reducing cost of cultivation of various crops.
Promoting organic farming through the use of organic manures such as vermicompost and reduced dependence on chemical inputs 
To provide opportunities for generating additional income to the farmers/youth through sale of compost, earthworms and vermiwash.
Upscale the use of vermin composting technology. ƒ 
Reduce the amount of waste to be land filled. 
To enhance income of farmers  


Review experiences in vermin composting  
Site selection and design of vermin beds, and compost box  
Construction of vermin composting shed and other related infrastructure 
Vocational scale production of vermin composting to ensure quality organic input 
Vocational 7 to 10 days to the farmers for production of vermin compost for organic manure  
Training to progressive farmer to develop skill for entrepreneurship  


Increase in income and yield  
Farmers are aware about vermin composting  
After the project beneficiary nearby farming communities produced manure by earthworms at the village level and were used and increasing fertility by produced manure through rural, peasant and women of self help group and below poverty line families  
They develop their social and economic status 
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