Make A Wish for street & slum Kids 


A wonderful initiative to share happiness among street and slum children has been taken in Ajmer by Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan, with the support of Global Giving Foundation. Under this project, nutritious food, toys, sweets, new dress, chocolates are provided to street and slum children. Efforts are taken continuously to enlighten the life of these unlucky children by means of fireworks, colors, water-guns, cake, etc on the occasion of festivals as Christmas, Diwali, Holi.

 Demand of the Project
The life of slum and street children is surrounded by darkness. The sense of alienation of society leads them to get involved into immoral acts as theft, addiction, prostitution. Happiness is miles away from these children. They hardly get two meals a day. These unlucky and helpless children can never think of delicious food, toys, new clothes even in their dreams. The society just gets them abuse, exploitation and the sense of alienation only which develops exasperation towards the society in their hearts. Lack of food leads them to suffere from malnutrition. Moreover, there life is full of darkness even on the ocassion of festivals. Altogether, these slum and street children live their life in darkness staying miles away from happiness of childhood.


To providing food for street children 
To Provide gifts to street children
Bring attitudinal changes


To Provide  dinner at a good hotel  to  street poor children
To Provide gift for golden memory 
Share inspiration and motivational story 
Uplift their confidence


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