Nepal Relief Campaign 


Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan and Global Giving Foundation, jointly, organised "Nepal Relief Campaign" for the victims of Nepal earthquake in which relief camps were organised in the remote and distant villages Ekal Singha and Jeevanpur of the country of mountains, Nepal and the victim families were also provided relief in Bhaktpur and Kathmandu. Ration (dry wheat, rice, poha, biscuits), warm clothes, blankets, mosquito nets, solar lights were distributed to 177 victim families of the earthquake under the project. Besides that, study material (pen, pencil, book, color set, note book, geometry box, etc.) and biscuits were distributed to 85 children. The project organised for the sake of mankind was appreciated by the entire Nepal. Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan has been successful so far in providing effective relief to the victims of the earthquake by the program.


The only objective of the project was to provide relief supplies to homeless victim families of the neighbouring country of mountains, Nepal for the sake of mankind.

 Requisition of the project  

25th April, 2015 brought the means of destruction of the neighbouring country, Nepal. The destructive earthquake of magnitude 7.8 in Nepal took 11000 persons to death and made thousands of children orphan and homeless. The children had lost their parents' support from their life. Thousands of women became widow. The view of destruction can be seen everywhere in Nepal which can't be expressed in words. During and after the earquake, there was the problem of bread, clothes, house and other basic requirements for the victims had arisen. There was the possibility of spreading the epidemic.


Food kit distribution for victim families  

Distribution Blanket & Clothing pair for earthquake victim   

Distribute Educational things & stationary for children  

Motivational workshop for earthquake victim  

Night school for children 

Rebuild their houses 
Spiritualize for victim 


Clothes and food were provided as relief supplies to 177 earthquake victim families.

9 relief camps were organised in different earthquake affected area.

85 children got relief by study material and food supply.

almost 35 volunteers were associated to the project.

The campaign was appreciated by the entire Nepal.
The earthquake victims had believe in mankind and humanity.


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