Stop Child labour


The aim of the project is to awareness and stop child labour by helping children enrol, stay and succeed in schools, and by supporting children and their families with social sustainability. The project target children and parents/guardians to the children. Youth for change is committed to stopping the child labour though an education    

Objective !!

To identify and remove children from worst forms of child labour and help them enrol, stay and succeed in school.
To reintegrate and make follow up actions ensuring that the rescued children are provided a full range of social services including psycho-social counselling, family 


Child labour identification
Family tracing and assessment of the sources of family   
Enrolment of children in school
45 children identified reintegrated with their families  
Enrolled into schools and supported with school requirement  
above 500 families were aware to stop child labour  
32 workshop conducted for stop child labour  

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