HIV/AIDS control Campaign
the mandate of our organization is to give information to people in our region that will help them make healthy decisions for themselves and their families. The goal of this project will help youth make good decisions about their health. Youth in our region are at risk of contracting HIV/Aids through risky self tattooing and body piercing. Youth do not have an understanding of how HIV/Aids can affect their lives.  

To build community approach for consciousness to adopt safer sex practices and avoid multiple sexual partners. 
To build social awareness on HIV/AIDS in target community.
To build social awareness about sexually transmitted diseases.
To train and certify counsellors in village per year.
To train 2000 educators with the assistance 

Base line survey for situational analysis and needs assessment.
Organizing Mahila SHG meetings (Self Help Group meeting).
Seminars for the spouses of Labours, truckers and migrant workers.
Awareness camps to encourage –seeking behaviour for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.
Skills building workshops for peer educators/counsellors.
Women’s issue regarding the negotiation of safer sex.
Street plays and role- plays in regional languages to generate awareness among the target community.

Increases in awareness level between 50 to 70%
Increase in women’s positive attitude in receiving treatment for STD.
The 2000 Labours, truckers and migrant workers as HIV/AIDS educators with the assistance
Better understanding among the high risk population through IEC material produced under communication strategy and plan

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