The RSKS India organization works on Gandhian philosophy.......

** A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history **


a.       Literacy Creation, Research, Publishing and translation and remain active in other activities research and conservation of rare literature. Installation and handling of libraries.

b.     Re salvation splendor of Indian culture. Efforts to preserve cultural heritage. Preservation of culture of extension and research coordinate and expand culture, installation and handling of cultural centers.

c.       Indian art, folk and fine art upgrade, conservation research and extension. The museum and art gallery to force the trends that make the installation and the program operates.

d.      Handicraft, Indian handloom and micro industries expand and encourage the industry, installation and operating centers by village loan & grants.

e.     To create the masses in its attempt by science & technologies. To create a self employed by the training of science & technologies and establishment and operating of research center and training centers.

f.       Expanding education and training. To facilitate from primary education to higher education. To train teachers and learners and the installation and operating centers to do this. Hosted the concert to intensive literacy. To operate and establishment of school.

g.     To an awareness of the program to be organized for health & cleanness. To conduct concert of health protection and cleanness center.

h.      Working for women, child & family welfare, that plans and conducts itself in this state and national level to contribution to the schemes.

i.        To research and conservation in area of history and archeology. Historians and archeologists scribes that underlie the promotion and research centers.

j.        To research on the authenticity of Indian astrology promotes and research of astrology scribes and research centers.

k.      To promote research on subject like geography and geography survey to be organized, to publish achievements.

l.        Stay active in national environment awareness campaign and trying balance environmental protection.   

m.    Research on area of journalism, to promote in the field of journalism and to honor prominent journalist

n.       Creative work in the field of mass communication to organizing the grand program, construct, drawing and display.

o.      Active in rural and urban development plan of National & State level scheme development achievements have hosted the concert.

p.     Improve in agriculture & gardening, working for development & research. Strive the quality extension, seeds and produce of modern technology of agriculture and horticulture. Establishing and operating centers for the development of agriculture.

q.     Awareness to their legal rights and to educate the masses of people receiving legal co-operation in justice and injustice that conflict and to establish centers of mass consciousness.

r.        To propagate the national language Hindi and also brings out articles and center speakers to provide the training and the setting up and running typing

s.       Trying to uplift a playing level. The establishment of public sports centers. To help the exposing their talents and players forward.

t.        To host the concert for attracted to tourism destination of foreign visitors. To working for tourism development & promote. To establishment of tourist help center.

u.      To aid destitute, afflicted, oppressed, helpless and handicapped, help them to make the effort to establish centers that.

v.      Religious harmony and empowering him to attempt to force religious establishment of coordination centers.

w.    To active in different project and scheme of national and state level for a social welfare activities. Cooperation and coordination necessary for the fulfillment of their objectives.

x.      To fulfillment of the intuition objectives implemented to prepare for the concert and projects round development of human society.



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